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Offering Smart IT & Software Solutions

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Enabling seamless operations via new software

Providing solutions for the global IT and services industry

Custom IT solutions

Brainstorming new ideas and solutions for core IT industries. The beneficiaries are IT & software firms.

Profesional Teamwork​​

Teamwork is necessary to overcome hurdles. We ensure a ‘zero error probability’ through custom solutions.

IT Business Support​

Offering 24/7 IT support to our existing and new clientele. It helps in retaining our customer base.

Bespoke software solutions for global firms

We offer dynamic solutions in a bespoke manner. The custom software and Apps that we develop are tailored to the needs of clients.

Cloud compatible software

Our Cloud storage services are meant for storing critical business data. Every media is compatible with Cloud.

Enhanced Brand Image

The rebranding efforts by Third Eye Creative brought Naren Electrix's brand identity up to modern standards, conveying its technological expertise and industry leadership.

Increased Online Visibility

Through effective website development and SEO strategies, Naren Electrix experienced significant growth in online visibility. The company's website started ranking for relevant keywords, attracting targeted traffic and generating leads.

Expanded Market Reach

The implementation of an e-commerce website enabled Naren Electrix to reach customers across India, resulting in increased sales and market penetration.

Streamlined Operations

The custom CRM software developed by Third Eye Creative facilitated efficient management of customer relationships and streamlined order fulfillment processes. This led to improved productivity and customer satisfaction.

Technological Advancements

By integrating IoT technology into their products, Naren Electrix demonstrated innovation and positioned themselves as pioneers in the agritech manufacturing industry.

Company & business software redefined

Our company software is tailored to every client’s needs. Delivering bespoke software solutions for all entities.


Software Integration

Integrating the newest software in core business areas. It is made mobile devices compatible with entities.


Software Testing

Quality testing of software before any new launch. We adhere to the strictest guidelines & testing standards.


Software Development

Our software development team is a bundle of seasoned experts. Specialization in Android App development.

Professional case studies

Our case studies are a reflection of our urge to explore new vistas. This makes you prepared for any unforeseen eventualities.

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