Case Studies

Transforming Tiptur Coconut Company from Nascent Stage to Digital Success

Tiptur Coconut Company embarked on their journey with a vision to revolutionize the coconut industry. In their nascent stage, they sought the expertise of Third Eye Creative to help shape their brand identity, establish an online presence, and propel their growth to new heights. This case study highlights the comprehensive solutions provided by Third Eye Creative in transforming Tiptur Coconut Company into a digital success story.

Results and Impact

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Tiptur Coconut Company witnessed a significant increase in brand recognition and market presence.
The ecommerce website experienced a substantial rise in traffic, leading to increased online sales and revenue.
Improved search engine rankings and optimized online presence resulted in a steady growth of organic traffic and improved visibility.
Social media advertising campaigns generated higher engagement, increased followers, and boosted conversions
Online marketplace listings contributed to a broader customer base, expanded market reach, and higher sales volume.

Logo Design

Third Eye Creative meticulously crafted a logo for Tiptur Coconut Company that combined the essence of coconuts with a modern, distinctive design. The logo symbolized their commitment to excellence, sustainability, and the natural goodness of coconuts.

Packaging Design

To ensure that Tiptur Coconut Company’s products stood out on the shelves, Third Eye Creative designed captivating packaging that reflected the brand’s identity and values. The packaging showcased the freshness, purity, and authenticity of their coconut-based products, captivating the attention of consumers.

Product Photography

High-quality product photography was crucial in showcasing the excellence and appeal of Tiptur Coconut Company’s offerings. Third Eye Creative conducted professional product photoshoots that highlighted the natural beauty of coconuts and the diverse range of coconut-based products offered by the company.

Ecommerce Website Development

To facilitate online sales and reach a wider audience, Third Eye Creative developed a user-friendly and visually appealing ecommerce website for Tiptur Coconut Company. The website showcased their products, provided detailed information, and incorporated seamless navigation and secure payment options, enhancing the overall shopping experience.
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SEO Strategy

To enhance the online visibility of Tiptur Coconut Company, Third Eye Creative implemented a robust SEO strategy. Extensive keyword research, on-page optimization, and link-building techniques were employed to improve search engine rankings and increase organic traffic, driving more potential customers to the website.

Ad Videos

Third Eye Creative created captivating ad videos that effectively communicated the unique selling points of Tiptur Coconut Company. These videos highlighted the quality, versatility, and health benefits of their coconut products, compelling viewers to engage and make a purchase.

Social Media Ads

To reach a broader audience and foster brand engagement, Third Eye Creative devised strategic social media advertising campaigns. Engaging and targeted ads were created, capturing the attention of potential customers and driving traffic to the ecommerce website, resulting in increased conversions and sales.

Online Marketplace Listing

To expand Tiptur Coconut Company’s reach and maximize sales opportunities, Third Eye Creative listed their products on prominent online marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart. This allowed them to tap into a larger customer base, benefit from the platforms’ extensive reach, and drive sales growth.


Through a holistic approach encompassing branding, packaging design, ecommerce website development, SEO,ad videos, social media ads, and online marketplace listing, Third Eye Creative successfully transformed Tiptur Coconut Company into a digital success story. Today, Tiptur Coconut Company stands as a testament to the power of strategic digital solutions in driving growth, establishing a strong market presence, and redefining the coconut industry.