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Transformation of Naren Electrix by Third Eye Creative

Naren Electrix, a 25-year-old agritech manufacturing company, sought to establish a robust online presence to enhance its brand image, expand its customer base, and streamline operations. Third Eye Creative, a Bangalore-based digital agency specializing in branding, digital marketing, website development, and custom software solutions, undertook the task of transforming Naren Electrix’s online presence and driving its growth.

Challenges Faced

Outdated Branding

Naren Electrix needed a modern brand identity that reflected its technological advancements and resonated with its target audience.

Limited Online Visibility

The company lacked a strong online presence, making it challenging to reach potential customers and showcase its products and services.

Inefficient Operations

Naren Electrix struggled with manual processes and lacked a centralized system for managing customer relationships and order fulfillment.

Lack of Product Integration

The company’s existing products needed to be upgraded with smart features and integrated into an IoT platform for remote operation.

Solutions Provided by Third Eye Creative

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Rebranding and Brand Identity

Third Eye Creative began by rebranding Naren Electrix to align its visual identity with modern standards. This involved redesigning the company logo, revamping the brand’s visual elements, and developing a cohesive brand identity that reflected its technological expertise and industry leadership.


Website Development and SEO Strategy

To enhance Naren Electrix’s online visibility, Third Eye Creative designed and developed a comprehensive catalogue website to showcase the company’s products and services. A robust SEO strategy was implemented to improve search engine rankings and increase organic traffic. Keyword research, on-page optimization, and content marketing techniques were employed to drive targeted traffic to the website.


E-commerce Website Implementation

As the traffic and online presence grew, Third Eye Creative built an e-commerce website for Naren Electrix. This allowed customers to browse and purchase products online, leading to increased sales and market reach. The platform was designed to be user-friendly, secure, and scalable to handle future growth.


Custom CRM Software Development

To streamline operations and improve customer relationship management, Third Eye Creative developed a custom CRM software solution for Naren Electrix. This centralized system allowed the company to manage customer information, track interactions, and streamline order fulfillment. It provided a seamless experience for sales, customer service, and operations teams, leading to enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Integrated IoT Platform

Understanding the need for product innovation, Third Eye Creative embarked on building an integrated IoT platform for Naren Electrix. This platform enabled remote operation and monitoring of the company’s devices via mobile devices over the internet. By adding smart features to their products, Naren Electrix positioned itself at the forefront of technological advancements in the agritech industry.

Results and Impact

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Enhanced Brand Image

The rebranding efforts by Third Eye Creative brought Naren Electrix's brand identity up to modern standards, conveying its technological expertise and industry leadership.

Increased Online Visibility

Through effective website development and SEO strategies, Naren Electrix experienced significant growth in online visibility. The company's website started ranking for relevant keywords, attracting targeted traffic and generating leads.

Expanded Market Reach

The implementation of an e-commerce website enabled Naren Electrix to reach customers across India, resulting in increased sales and market penetration.

Streamlined Operations

The custom CRM software developed by Third Eye Creative facilitated efficient management of customer relationships and streamlined order fulfillment processes. This led to improved productivity and customer satisfaction.

Technological Advancements

By integrating IoT technology into their products, Naren Electrix demonstrated innovation and positioned themselves as pioneers in the agritech manufacturing industry.

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Through our collaborative efforts, We successfully transformed Naren Electrix, a 25-year-old agritech manufacturing company, by establishing a strong online presence, enhancing its brand image, expanding its customer base, and streamlining operations. The rebranding efforts, including the modernized logo and brand identity, positioned Naren Electrix as a leader in the industry. The development of a comprehensive catalogue website and the implementation of effective SEO strategies resulted in increased online visibility and targeted traffic. The integration of an e-commerce website enabled the company to reach a broader market and drive sales growth. The custom CRM software centralized customer relationship management and streamlined order fulfillment, leading to improved productivity and customer satisfaction. Moreover, the implementation of an integrated IoT platform showcased Naren Electrix's commitment to technological innovation. Overall, our partnership has driven significant transformation for Naren Electrix, positioning them as a forward-thinking and successful player in the agritech manufacturing industry.

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